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Jaya Sreevalsan Nair's talks:
[08/2018] Keynote Talk at MoDSIP-ID, Day 3 (Youtube, starting at 1:11:30)
[04/2018] Samvaad Talk (Youtube)

Visualization for Model-Based Testing for GUI Applications (Pathfinder):
[01/2018] Demo video

Visualization of ARGO datasets:

[07/2017] Features for animation:
               Slicing | Isosurface Extraction | Plotting | Bathmetry texture | Draping
[11/2015] Slicing | Topological methods

Visualization of point cloud from airborne LiDAR:
[06/2015] RAVE-PC (Remotely Accessible Visualizer & Explorer of Point Clouds):
              How to use | How to connect thinlinc using html | How to connect using thinlinc client

Visual analytics of small-world networks:
[04/2017] Demo video (Youtube)

Video archive of annual snapshot of current projects at GVCL:
(Nov 2014) (Nov 2015)

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