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Visual Analytics of Multiplex Small-World Networks
NodeTrix-CommunityHierarchy [Our tool is available at ]
Hierarchical community detection in IEEE Infovis
                coauthorship networkCluster visualization using node-link diagram and
(by Shivam Agarwal, 2017)

NodeTrix-Multiplex [Our tool is available at: It is best viewed on Chrome web browser] for visualizing multiple network layers simultaneously
NodeTrix-MultiplexAnalytic results of NodeTrix-Multiplex
(by Shivam Agarwal and Amit Tomar, 2016)

Ocean gridded product visualization:
Our prototype tool, INCOISRenderer:
            Visualization Tool for Gridded DataSlicing feature in INCOISRenderer
(by Raghavendra G. S., 2015-16, Shivam Agarwal, 2015-17, Nilay Engineer, 2016-17)

Our experiments using VAPOR software
Cyclone visualization using VAPOR
(by Subarna Sinha, 2014)

LiDAR Point Cloud Processing and Visual Analytics:
Structural classification using local geometric descriptors:
Superquadric glyph visualization of local geometric
                descriptorsComparison of structural classification outcomes
                using point cloud rendering
(by Beena Kumari, 2015-17, and Akshay Jindal, 2017)

Reduction of point cloud data (Lidar data) using structural feature classification and extraction, with color map indicating the feature strength -- our implementation of work by Keller et al., 2011:

Feature classificationAll
            Structural FeaturesReduced point cloud
(by Beena Kumari, 2014)

Remote visualization using server-client architecture enabled by ThinLinc and CUDA:
Remote visualization using server-client architecture
(by Avijit Ashe, Beena Kumari, 2014)

Semantic classification of LiDAR point clouds to buildings, vegetation, and roads for Vaihingen benchmark dataset [ISPRS]:
              benchmark data -- Area 1
Vaihingen benchmark dataset -- Area 2Vaihingen benchmark dataset -- Area 2Legend
(by Beena Kumari, 2015)

Multivariate data visualizations for security logs
[Samples of these visualizations are at ]

Scatter plot and parallel coordinates representations of security analytics data (using d3.js):
            representation of security analytics dataParallel coordinate representation of
            security analytics data

Georeferenced network in security analytics (using d3.js):
Georeferenced network in security analytics data

Treemap, sunburst, and radial layout for hierarchical data (using d3.js)
            visualization of hierarchical modelSunburst visualization of hierarchical modelRadial layout of hierarchical model
(by Amit Tomar, Beena Kumari, Shivam Agarwal, 2014)

Use of Similarity Matrices for Network Visualization:
Our implementation of seriation algorithm, VAT (Visual Assessment of Clustering Tendency [Bezdek,Hathaway 2002]):
Dissimilarity Matrix of the Iris Dataset  Seriation
              of dissimilarity matrix using VAT
(by Amit Tomar, 2013)
Parallel sets-like representation of collaboration networks for a series of similarity matrices and multilevel representation of a single similarity matrix:

Parallel sets-like representation of a
            collaboration networkMulti-level representation of co-authorship network
(by Saima Parveen, 2013)

MPR (Multiplanar Reconstruction) for CT scan data:
            Reconstruction of CT scan data
(by Srinivas Vaidya, 2015)

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