Harshitha Ravindra


CV (.pdf) | LinkedIn | email: harshitha.ravindra@iiitb.org | Google Scholar

Research Interests

Information Visualization, Data Modeling, Machine Learning in the area of Public Health systems.


Natasha P., Nikitha T., Shreyansh Bhatter, Subhashish K., Harshitha R, “Detection of Mental Stress using EEG signals”, International Journal of Engineering and Techniques, Vol. 4, Issue 1, March 2018, (open access).

Kayarvizhy N., Panimozhi K., Harshitha R, “Internet of Things: A Project Based Engineering Course”, 5th IEEE International Conference on MOOCs, Innovation and Technology in Education, 2017.

Feroz S., Poornima U., Shruthi G. L., Harshitha R., “A Survey On Image Processing Techniques”, International Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research, Vol. 3, Issue 2, March 2016. (url)

Harshitha R., Rekha G. S., H. S. Guruprasad, “A Survey on Scheduling Techniques in Hadoop”, International Journal of Engineering Development and Research, 2014 IJEDR | Volume 3, Issue 1 | ISSN: 2321-9939. (ResearchGate)

Harshitha R
., Imran A. Syed, Sangeeta Srivasthava, “HCI using hand gesture recognition for Digital Sand Model”, 2013 IEEE Second International Conference on Image Information Processing. (IEEExplore)

Achievements/Related Interests

Pat on the back award from Citi Olympia Project at L and T Infotech (LTI).

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